Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Captiva Island Photographer | South Seas Island Resort Wedding

Bride at South Seas Resort Captiva Island Wedding

Just wanted to make an unofficial announcement that the new Impressions Photography website is live, although still a bit of a work in progress. I'm adding a few finishing touches, which includes adding this stunning South Seas Island Resort wedding to the galleries section. I actually think the hardest part of my job is selecting images. Being the photographer at a wedding is a very emotional process. I pour my heart into every picture. There is a personal connection with the moment and then that image. After a wedding removing myself from how much I loved that couple, or that day or how kind and sweet a flower girl was is actually hard. I fall in love with so many pictures and each has it's own little story that means so much to me. selecting the ones that will also connect with a person who wasn't there or doesn't know that sweet bride, is definitely a challenge. So if you're looking at the new site and you see a photo and you're thinking "why would she share that silly picture", it might just be because it reminds me of a special time and it makes my heart happy. Hope you enjoy the new images I've shared. I'm excited to get everyone's feedback!

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