About The Photographer

Hello, I'm Krista, the photographer behind all of these weddings! This has been my career since I graduated from college and I've never wanted to do anything else! I started Impressions Photography in 2000 and have been combining my love of photography and weddings ever since.

In addition to being a full time photographer, I'm also a wife, mother, step-mother, aunt, and dog mommy :) I have a lovely crew that I've surrounded myself with and I feel very blessed to have so many loves!

Krista Kowalczyk from Impressions Photography with Scott Flynn and Olivia
Me with my wonderful husband and daughter (AKA Bean)

I also have a huge love of airplanes, trains, hotels, collecting frequent flier miles, going anywhere new and doing so often.... If I had to pick a second career it would definitely be travel agent. If I'm not traveling, I'm reading about travel (scratch that, I also read about travel while traveling). I've started the 50 Weddings Project to combine my love of weddings and travel. I have a goal to photograph a wedding in each of the 50 United States and to capture the different wedding traditions that vary within the country. The 50 weddings project has already taken me to some interesting places. From the M.I.T campus in Massachusetts to a farm in Kentucky, I love being a part of such a variety of events.
My other loves include New York, which ranks high on my "must get to often" list and when there, I'm obsessed with seeing Broadway shows (and a playbill collection to prove it!). I'm a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan (but will gladly go to any NFL game). When it comes to college sports, I cheer loud for Iowa State Basketball. I also take a lot of pride in the work I do with my church. There I've volunteered with the youth group and started a ministry with my best friend to help people who are new to the community. I am the adult advisor for a high school UNICEF club and I will be escorting them to the Youth Summit in Washington D.C. this year (although they are an amazing team and I can't take any credit for their hard work, but it's a joy to watch them accomplish their goals). I'm obsessed with my dogs (and photographing them like they are my children). I'm blessed beyond belief to be surrounded by amazing people, a very supportive family, friends and clients who have become friends. My happiest moments are always times shared with these amazing people.

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