Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Behind the Scenes at Impressions Photography

palm trees over sanibel

So I was told today by a local wedding planner that Impressions Photography stands out for being organized and keeping everything pleasantly on schedule on a wedding day. I love a good schedule and I love taking the stress of that off of my clients. I want them to enjoy their day, so I do always put a lot of effort into making a good wedding day timeline before the day and then I feel like it is my job to be paying attention to that schedule. If it's time for the bridesmaids to be getting their dresses on I'm the one who is watching the time and letting the ladies know that it's about that time. To me that just seems like part of my job. Hearing that it is an often overlooked aspect for many photographers is definitely unfortunate, but I am happy to offer that to my clients. To me it's just a natural part of making the wedding day as exceptional as I can for each bride and groom.

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