Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Wedding - Nebraska Wedding Photographer

Exciting news for fellow hotel connoisseurs. One of the nicest hotels in Nebraska, The Marina Inn, is re-branding and going to be taking on the Marriott name. I've stayed at some amazing Marriott properties around the world, including their big resorts in St. Kitts and also Curacao and watched the re-branding process when the Marriott came to Sanibel Harour Resort and also the recent upgrade to the now JW Marriott on Marco Island. I have only had nice experiences with the hotel chain for my personal trips so I imagine the Marina Inn's change will be nice as well. However, what is really exciting is what this means for weddings. The Marriott chain is known for giving incentives to couples for hosting their wedding at the Marriott. Just the Marriott rewards alone could mean that your wedding could earn you enough points for some free honeymoon nights in Puerto Rico... or Bali? With hotels all over the world the possibilities are endless.

I have photographed dozens of weddings at Marriott brand hotels in the past and Impressions Photography has 6 weddings scheduled at The Marina Inn for 2017. I'm really excited to see how the Marriott name change effects each couples personal experience. I am optimistic that this is going to be a great thing for South Sioux City and a wonderful thing for Nebraska and Iowa brides and grooms.


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