Monday, January 2, 2017

Fort Myers Wedding - Florida Photographer

There is something special about the historic buildings in downtown Ft Myers. You can easily imagine a time when Henry Ford and Thomas Edison actually could be seen out and about in the city. The character of the buildings and the charm of the old palm trees really make the quaint historic district different than many other Florida cities. That character lends itself well to weddings too. Many couples who choose downtown Fort Myers are looking for a timeless wedding feel.

The Burroughs Home is one of the most popular of these historic downtown wedding venues. Jacqui and Telly planned their wedding for the Burroughs Home in December. Their ceremony was set among those old palm trees and overlooked the river. Their guests enjoyed a private reception under the pavilion that sits next to the water as well. We took full advantage of this historic wedding venue for photographs. The many gardens as well as the Burroughs Home itself made for some very unique and perfectly Fort Myers backdrops. Anyone looking for a year-round spot that is both historic and tropical, downtown Fort Myers is worth checking out. Both local couples and destination weddings (and wedding photographers!) enjoy the private waterfront venue. 

pink getting ready robes

burroughs home fort myers wedding

groomsmen in navy tux fort myers

bride at burroughs home in fort myers

wedding ceremony at the burroughs home

wedding ceremony at the burroughs home

group photograph at the burroughs home

wedding party at the burroughs home

burroughs home wedding

wedding couple at the burroughs home

fort myers wedding couple

sunset in downtown fort myers wedding

fort myers riverfront wedding

pavilion at the burroughs home

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