Saturday, November 21, 2020

Fort Myers Beach Wedding | SWFL Photographer


Photographs of newlyweds walking down the beach.

Photo shoot of flower girl before ceremony.

Professional photos of flower girl looking into the mirror.Flower girl smiling candidly at destination wedding.

Photographs of bridal shoes and floral bouquet.

Bride with floral bouquet and tropical ocean views.

Professional close up shots of bride and her accessories.

Bride and flower girl sharing candid moments.Candid photos of bride with family.

Bride with white background and bright floral bouquet.

Close up photograph of bridal floral bouquet.

Professional wedding photos of bride with tropical view.

Candid photos of groom and flower girl on Fort Myers beach.

Groom candidly laughing at destination wedding.

Tropical wedding ceremony on Fort Myers beach.

Professional candid photos of bride and groom during ceremony

Bride and groom walking down beach aisle with floral alter.

Large family photos at Fort Myers beach wedding.

Candid photos of bride and groom walking together holding hands

Unposed flower girl playing in the sand during sunset.

Bride and groom memorable photos on Fort Myers Beach.

Photographs of bride and groom in tropical greenery destination.

Newlyweds professional island photography.

Photos of bright floral wedding bouquet.Candid newlyweds photoshoot after ceremony.

Intimate moments between bride and groom at destination wedding.
Romantic sunset photos of groom and bride on Fort Myers Beach.

Unposed black and white photos of newlyweds.Photography of bride and groom laughing before reception.

Black and white smiling bride photos.

Newlywed couple walking in the sand with scenic beach view.

Bride smiling with floral bouquet after destination ceremony.

Groom and bride destination wedding first look.

Sunset photography of couple on Fort Myers beach.

Groom candidly laughing at wife.Professional photography of newlyweds embracing on the beach.

Close up photos of bridal accessories and out of focus bouquet.
Sunset professional shots on Fort Myers Beach.

Newlyweds candidly talk to each other after ceremony.

Professional shot of bride and groom holding hands.

Tropical reception decorations with beach view.

The Pink Shell on Fort Myers Beach was the setting for this Florida destination wedding and it couldn't have been any more perfect. The outdoor wedding ceremony officiated by my friend and Naples pastor, Dr. Dan Lamey and decorated so perfectly by Jardine Floral Design. The couple was joined by a very intimate group of close friends and family and in 2020 fashion the entire event, including a fun wedding reception, was held outdoors and offered plenty of room for distancing. Those precautions didn't hold back this group from having a ton of fun though. Empire Entertainment brought the music to this little group and made it an even more memorable party for everyone. 

 It was so nice to be there to celebrate their love and photograph the first moments of their marriage! I always say I love photographing love and this one was one definitely filled with love and so much inspiration to photograph! It was a treat to be their photographer!

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