Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Get Inspired By Southwest Florida!

Casa Ybel Palm trees over the Thistle Lodge
South Seas island Resort Captiva Island golf course and palm trees at sunset
The pool at Casa Ybel at sunset
palm frond on Sanibel Island
Palm tree pictures
Palm tree pictures at South Seas Island Resort, Captiva Island
Captiva Island Palm trees lining the street at sunset
Old Florida Palm Trees in Fort Myers

The beauty of Southwest Florida is undeniable. You really don't have to go far to find a stunning tropical flower, or my favorite, a majestic palm tree. And you don't have to spend much time with me to see me taking pictures of palm trees either! From the landscaped grounds of the Naples Beach Hotel or South Seas Island Resort to the parking lot of my grocery store, Publix, I will pull out my camera and photograph any and all palm trees. I'm inspired by these funky trees, but they also inspire many wedding photography images for me too. I will seek out and photograph that one tall, proud palm tree to create a feeling of the setting of a wedding day or a thick group of palm fronds to make a portrait backdrop. Our tropical plants are definitely among the reasons Southwest Florida is a special place and I love to incorporate that beauty into every portrait and wedding that I photograph here in the Sunshine State!
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