Sunday, May 24, 2020

Behind the Scenes at Impressions Photography

Sanibel Palm trees

As a nation we've seen a lot of changes lately but as our new normal continues to evolve, the one thing I will always be happy about is that our love of photography isn't changing. There may be less guests at the wedding and my vacationing family clients are coming from Miami right now, not New York, but regardless of all of the change, our love of photography and capturing memories hasn't altered. If anything it's even stronger. I think we are appreciating that last group gathering photo or the pictures of grandparents that we can't so easily get together with right now. I'm starting to get more calls and I'm beginning to fill in my schedule with smaller gatherings, intimate weddings, immediate family pictures, and I'm talking to so many people that are making sacrifices in their event but aren't changing the photography aspect. I obviously value photography, but seeing that appreciation shared by so many people right now definitely makes me happy!

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