Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Creating a Wedding Album From Your Pictures

Bridesmaids pictured with flowers in Naples

This blog post goes out to all of the Impressions Photography clients who have already gotten married, you're back home, settled into day to day life again and now, nine years later you realize you should probably have done something with all of those wedding pictures (which all still live on your computer). True story, this week I am helping a client create an album from their wedding which was nine years ago. But good news, it's not too late. I definitely get how time can get away form you and if this wasn't my day to day gig I probably would let it slip by too. Use your next anniversary as a reason to get that done! And, it's actually super simple. 

The album process is about as stress free as I could possibly make it. So easy, you do nothing and we completely create an album for you. That's it. We can select the images, have a completely customized layout created and then you get the chance to see it before it's printed. Approve it to print or make any photo changes you would like at that point. We also welcome our clients to get as involved in the process as they would like. Some select every image and even have directions on how they would like each to appear (that would never be me btw!). So in honor of those that share my gene for delegating, I'm here for you, delegate to me! I'm happy to get that album started for you today!

wedding album photograph for impressions photography

wedding album photograph for impressions photography

wedding album photograph for impressions photography

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