Wednesday, August 1, 2018

My Trip to The Four Seasons Nevis

I don’t think I will ever stop appreciating the experiences that being a photographer has offered me. My latest opportunity was a unique one. I was asked to join a group of wedding planners on a trip to the island of Nevis to capture (and experience) highlights from the Four Seasons Resort. I had been to neighboring St Kitts before, but this was my first time on the sleepy island of Nevis. Just getting to Nevis is an experience in itself and everything about the resort was one surprise after another. 

There isn’t an airport (or movie theater, or fast food restaurant, or mall) on Nevis. A tiny airport on St Kitts was our arrival location. We were shuttled to a ferry that awaited us and quickly made our way to Nevis. The mood for our ferry ride was definitely set by the tropical breeze, soft waves and completely unnecessary but totally appreciated rum punch. When we arrived at the resort we were greeted by several staff members and escorted directly to our rooms. From that initial greeting to the moment we left, the Four Seasons staff was unparalleled. There is a culture of excellent customer service that we literally saw from every single person we encountered.

While at the resort we were treated to a property tour by the highly knowledgeable on staff wedding coordinator, Jermaine. The property is filled with hidden little corners and gems of locations that would make for amazing wedding picture backdrops. It also offered the widest variety of settings for weddings. A dock over the water, a lawn with a mountain view or right on the beach, the options were  pretty diverse. Everywhere Jermaine escorted us was filled with Caribbean charm. As different as each potential wedding site was, you still could not forget that you were on a tropical island. 

What really struck me about the Four Seasons (outside of the amazing staff) was how easily I found myself feeling like I was alone on a tropical island. The resort was nearly full, but I would have never guessed that. The sprawling property, multiple pools and long stretch of beach make it very possible to just disappear in your own oasis. I would suggest the property to anyone looking for a retreat but especially for couples planning a wedding. Having photographed hundreds of island weddings, the biggest challenge I’ve encountered with destination weddings is sharing a property with other hotel guests and in some cases even guests of other hotels down the beach. Onlookers at ceremonies, and all of those quaint corners filled with other guests can take the charm away from even the most romantic setting. The Four Seasons was very unique in this regard. I could see a wedding group coming to this resort and feeling like you had the entire property to yourself. I always hear my clients saying they want their guests to have a unique experience, I think that the Four Seasons, Nevis would meet most couples expectation for just that. 

Unfortunately my time on Nevis had to come to an end. The excellent service that the resort offers was there till the very end though. A ferry boat was ready to take us back to get to the airport, however a flight delay made it unnecessary to leave as early as we had planned. Kerry, the front desk manager, kept an eye on the inbound flight and held the ferry for us, letting us know when it was actually a good time for us to leave. So in the end thanks to the excellence of the Four Seasons we were able to soak in a few extra moments of island life before it was time to make our return home. 

A huge thank you to Adriana with the Four Seasons Nevis and Punta Mita. As the sales manager for both properties she oversaw our Nevis adventure. I was often falling behind the group constantly being inspired by something beautiful to photograph and she was always there making sure I wasn't left behind! Her attention to detail (and insistence on not forgetting the photographer!) was not overlooked! 

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