Monday, February 5, 2018

Being Floridian

South Seas Resort Kings Crown Lawn Wedding reception

I'm starting off Monday morning not unlike others this time of year. Looking at pictures of beautiful tropical destination weddings on my computer while just to my left, out the window, is a blizzard. Well, I wouldn't say it's typical necessarily, but it happens! If you were wondering about my unusual collection of images from Iowa to Florida and back there is a reason why I'm all over the place. Love. Yep, love got this Floridian spending time in the Midwest. And in the process filled my summer calendar with some truly wonderful Iowa weddings.

Before I met my husband I couldn't have picked Iowa out on a map. I always say that in jest, however looking back, there may be some accuracy to that statement! In 2011 we met in the Bahamas, dated long distance and then got married in 2015 (of course a Bahamas wedding!). And now, we are married long distance sometimes too! Yep, we are that couple. Two homes. Two everything really. We both do a lot of traveling between the two locations. Typically this time of year I try to avoid Iowa and it has mostly been a successful season! This is actually the first that I've seen it snow this year. Friday I'm heading back home with a full Florida schedule of winter and spring weddings and no desire to return to Iowa until things turn green! So, Adios Iowa! This Floridian is out!

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