Wednesday, September 27, 2017

50 Weddings Project - Wedding Photography

Checking in from 35,000 feet! I'm in the air, sipping champagne in first class and comfortably spread out working on a super glamorous project. Ha! Just dreaming.... Cramped in coach drinking an unknown beverage that they referred to as "coffee" thumbing this blog post on my phone while my elbows are in some yoga-like pose pressed into my sides. Thought it would be a good time for a 50 Weddings Project update....Because let's be honest, if I'm not questioning why I started this project now, it's safe to say I'm committed to it!! 

If you're not familiar with the project, it was an idea I had a few years back to combine my two loves, travel and wedding photography. I'm slowly but surely making my way around the country attempting to photograph a wedding in every state. I've just checked Massachusetts off the list and I'm very excited to be heading to Texas this winter. As a Florida wedding photographer most of the weddings I have photographed have been destination weddings, so when I find myself in New England or over on the west coast I can't help but notice how completely different each region celebrates weddings. Foods, customs, decorations, even the timeline for how the day unfolds are all different. Of course with the one constant, love! So if you're planning your Illinois wedding or you are helping a friend plan for Oregon, count me in! I'm hoping to celebrate with a few more couples and add even more states to the list soon! Check out the full list of states on the Impressions Photography website, I'm only half way there, many more to go!!! 

So traveling on I go. I'll be in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Iowa and Florida over the next month (and tentatively squeezing in Philadelphia). A few layovers will have my feet in some other cities and I imagine I'll find myself in Nebraska and South Dakota at some point too because who doesn't randomly end up there from time to time (my Sioux City friends understand). I'm always happy to offer wedding consultations, engagement pictures or just to catch up while I'm on the road. Message me if you want to get together!!! Till then.... Signing off from the sky! ✈️

chicago engagemetn pictures for 50 weddings project
Chelsi & Dave - helping to check Texas off the list with their wedding this winter!

chicago engagemetn pictures for 50 weddings project

chicago engagemetn pictures for 50 weddings project

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