Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Des Moines Engagement Photography - Iowa Photographer

 An adorably engaged couple and a little luck made this engagement photography shoot come together perfectly! Katie and Corey's morning shoot in Des Moines was looking a little chancy when we looked at the weather and saw storms rolling in. Luck was on our side though, we were able to capture lots of great pictures (and only got sprinkled on a little bit!). The overcast skies actually worked to our advantage and made the morning light even better than we anticipated. We definitely had a lot of fun with their engagement pictures. They are such a sweet couple and so comfortable with each other, it was simple to capture their love!

Katie and Corey are planning their wedding for September also in Des Moines. I'm looking forward to returning to capture their day!

 Above we found a beautiful garden of green foliage (okay, I think they are weeds, but anyway....). Loved the green and how it framed them so perfectly! Pictured below, the couple on the grounds of the Iowa State Capitol building in Des Moines.

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