Monday, July 18, 2016

A Few Wedding Thoughts!

How cute is this little guy? He was the ring barer for Carmen and David's wedding at the Hole N' The Wall Lodge in Acron, Iowa. I can't tell you how many times I've had couples say they aren't going to have children in their wedding because they have concerns with things not going just as planned and, well, we all know, children can be unpredictable. That being said, I'm more of the thought that the unpredictable is what makes the day unique, it's what everyone will be talking about over dinner and laughing about for years. I've seen all sorts of things go "wrong" with the ring barer or flower girl. I've seen tears, I've seen kids going the wrong direction or flat out refusing to make that journey down the isle, but the pictures of those moments are so priceless. I imagine those pictures showing up at their 16th birthday party or their own wedding 20 some years later. It's priceless moments like that that make each wedding so individual and unique. So I say embrace the unexpected and let the kids have the stage for a minute or two.

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