Saturday, January 31, 2009


I was beyond thrilled when my sister got engaged. Her man is a great guy and we all love him. So it was the best news ever. The only problem.... she HATES having her picture taken! I have been photographing weddings and engagement portraits for 10 years, I have a ton of great ideas & funky locations. This was going to be the engagement shoot of the decade! But so far, no. She doesn't want to fly to Paris for her shoot. Not even the Vegas strip. Mind you, I'm known for thinking big and she likes simple. So, simple it was. She came to visit me a few weeks ago and I took the opportunity (and the 5 minutes she gave me!) to take these fun pix at my house. It's just them against my kitchen wall! But for now, this will have to do :( I'm still going to try to talk them into something a little more exciting! In the meantime if there is anyone out there that would like to be my sister for a day! Let me know. I would love to do a totally off the wall, like fly somewhere crazy for a weekend, type shoot! And, this time of year, meeting in Miami doesn't sound like a bad idea!

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