Tuesday, May 2, 2017

First Dance Photograph Tips - Destination Wedding Photographer

I have to admit, I have a favorite moment when it comes to wedding receptions. The first dance is pretty much the point where if you look closely I'm smiling from ear to ear behind my camera. I try not to be goofy about it, but really who can help but to smile as they witness such a tender, sometimes fun or playful and often very romantic moment between a bride and groom! Typically as I look around the room at all of the wedding guests, they also have grins on their face as they look on as the couple share their first special dance as husband and wife.

As the photographer tasked with the job of capturing that special dance, I do have a few suggestions for couples to get the most out of their first dance photographs. First, tell your photographer if you have a choreographed dance planned. I always say it's great to have a few fun surprises planned for your guests, but never for your photographer! And that definitely goes for the first dance. Knowing what to expect, your photographer will be able to get the best perspective of the two of you on the dance floor and be prepared for capturing it. Second, ignore the photographer when you are on the dance floor! Be in the moment and enjoy yourself as if nobody else is in the room. Your undivided attention for your new spouse will show in the images. And my last bit of first dance advice is to work with a good DJ and select a song that is fun and easy to dance to. Some special songs might not translate into a special dance so well, be sure to work with a great wedding team and have a song that is comfortable for the two of you to dance to and enjoy.

The very top image, La Playa Resort in Naples, Florida was the setting. The couple was in front of a few hundred guests in the ballroom but you would never know! They really enjoyed every moment of the dance! The second image is at the Marina Inn in South Sioux City, Nebraska. They had a lot of fun with an upbeat tempo and a fun evening event. The lower two images are both from South Seas Resort on Captiva Island in Florida. Both couples had a dance planned out that was easily captured because we knew exactly what to expect. The first was outside on the Kings Crown Lawn, under the cafe lights and palm trees. The next was inside the Kings Crown Ballroom.


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